Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Windows Through Solar Gard Films


At Sun Shield Auto Trim LLC, we provide window tinting products and installation services that are second to none. We offer automotive tinting solutions from Solar Gard that reduces your reliance on air conditioning, which can improve fuel economy.

Why Choose Our Products

Our window film starts working for you the minute it's installed in your car. You can expect wonderful benefits that include:

Furnishing and Upholstery Preservation

Maintain your car interior’s color and fabric quality.

Reduced Energy Demands

With our products installed, you don’t have to use much of your engine’s power on your HVAC. This also helps you extend your cooling system’s life.

Increased Privacy

Tinted windows are perfect for drivers who don’t want to be seen by people outside.

Improved Aesthetic

Our Solar Gard films can make any type of vehicle look effortlessly stylish.

Balanced Climate

Our window films reduce hot spots and glare for your utmost comfort. Keep cool during hot days and stay warm in colder weather.

Let’s Discuss Your Window Tinting Needs

We offer durable products for all models and makes. For more details, please reach out to our staff today.